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FMD-Flora C, 90's



Brand: FMD

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Product Features:

1. Convenience- With just one capsule of FMD Flora C, you can safeguard your daily vitamin C needs.
2. For healthy bones, teeth, gums as well as general make-up of the body
3. Ingredients are from plant based source (natural)-safe for long term used & safe even if exceeding the recommended dosage.
4. Vegetarian capsules-suitable for vegetarians.
5. Easy to swallow compare to tablet. People who find it hard to swallow the capsule can just open it and mix the contents into a drink. This is beneficial when capsules to be administered to children.
6. Easy to dissolve compare to tablet, tablet has poor dissolution.
7. Capsule having a faster delivery time compare to tablets.


Health benefits:                                        
1. Reduces the length of cold & alleviate their severity.
2. Assists in collagen synthesis, promote young and elastic skin.
3. Helps in connective tissue formation & wound healing.
4. Helps to combat the oxidative damage caused by smoking & exposure to tobacco smoke.
5. Helps to strengthening artery walls.
6. Enhances iron absorption.

Each vegetable capsule contains:
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 1000 mg

Direction for use:
1.Adult:1 capsule daily, taken after meal.

Store below 25'c and protect from light and moisture.

Net Weight:1000 mg X 90 capsules
Country Origin: Canada


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