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Miracle Sea Salt 750g from France

Miracle Sea Salt is collected from the old method, the salt farm in the sea salt to build a block square, built around the dike. When the sea at high tide, the introduction of salt water; membership role of the sun and wind evaporate the water, leaving the natural crystalline sea salt. The most important is the next rainfall, evaporation should be less than that is required dry climate sea salt Will be formed.

Salt production work must be done by a human to settle the crystallization of salt, salt blocks is being broken. Salt, the salt farmers are then carried salt to the plant to break ground, and then through the conveyor belt and salt water, washing three times, filtered water and packed, so repeated by human work, to harvest salt, salt obtained shows that hard.

Minerals in Miracle Sea Salt is very important for human body, because sodium chloride is necessary for digestion and perspiration, but not the body's own production of sodium, the lack of it, the body cannot transfer nutrients or oxygen, cannot or movement of nerve pulse Muscle conduction, the heart cannot be beat. Too little salt intake will cause the body's sodium level is low, the most direct reflection of a loss of appetite, weakness, and dizziness and so on. According to experts, prolonged lack of necessary salt intake, the body will appear anorexia, nausea, vomiting, accelerated heart rate, pulse, thin, muscle cramps, blurred vision, reflecting reduced other symptoms. Especially in the days when heat and sweating more physical activity, salt excretion with a corresponding increase in sweat, we should properly add salt, if appropriate, to drink salt water, is generally estimated that 1 liter of sweat make 3 grams of salt.

An adult male body contains 250 grams of salt, the salt is enough to fill three or four restaurants salt shaker, but as human motion, salinity has been decreasing and disappear, thereby supplementing the salt is necessary not less. So Miracle sea salt added in cooking delicious, good for health, if salt is absent in food, the dish won't be delicious.

Miracle sea salt is also used as cosmetic reasons, because sea water contains potassium, sodium, chlorine-rich mineral composition; since ancient times people with mud and salt water to beauty. We can observe fisherman's skin, although it is dark brown in color due to long term expose to UV light, their skin is flexible and shinny, this is because they work on the sea, their skin are always in contact with flower of salt. In many countries, people are used to use sea salt for washes, it can promote metabolism, deep clean the skin, inflammation, sterilization, remove excess fat and the stratum corneum, large pores convergence of long-term use, can make the skin smooth and delicate .

The most easy way for salt bath is put 200 gm of Miracle Sea Salt in to bath tub, to be dissolved can enjoy the natural sea salt bath, to soak fifteen minutes or more, is the most economical method of treatment. Sea salt bath can activated skin, can promote metabolism, blood circulation; deep clean the skin, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and fast healing of small wounds, repair uneven skin, convergence, large pores, long-term use skin will become smooth and delicate, to eliminate fat To achieve weight loss; and effective against dust and radiation properties. Tonsil inflammation, if you do not want to eat so many antibiotics it a try gargling.

Take Miracle sea salt 15 grams, with 200 ml of water to fully melt, and then with a sea salt water, rinse 10 seconds in the throat, then spit out the same action three times; and drink, this another way to cure tonsil inflammation effectively. On the thyroid is also good, because the higher sea salt iodine underlying reason why. So the best health care: Every morning and evening to light salt water gargle and drink one, can eliminate the heat, cleaning the mouth, killing bacteria, an effective way to prevent illness .This method used for thousands of years, and now just as effective.


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