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Ba Zhen Tang




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 Ba Zhen Tang,95g


Suitable for people

Ba zheng soup suitable for the following groups, afraid of cold people, pale, anemia, menstruation is small, because of weak gas and blood and abortion of women. After the end of menstruation gas blood is the most empty, most suitable for filling gas blood, can wait for the blood completely drained after the water fried. A pair of three fried, early half an hour before dinner warm. Take continuously for 3 to 6 days. 

Ingredient :

angelica,Rhizoma ligustici wallichii,Radix paeoniae alba medicine,Rehmannia Glutinosa,ginseng,Large-headed atractylodes,Poria cocos,Main licorice


Net weight 95g 


It can replenish qi and enrich blood, treat qi and blood deficiency, pale or yellow complexion, dizziness, tired limbs, shortness of breath and lazy speech, and loss of appetite


Store in cool dry place

*How to use*

After cleaning the herbs, put them in a pan and add 500ml of water and herbs. Bring the water to a boil on fire, then cook for 30 minutes on a small fire  

-When cooking Chinese medicine bags, you can add meat to your liking. 


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