Borneo Organic Lemon vinegar 500ml




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Borneo Organic Lemon vinegar 500ml

Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar consists of hydrochloric acid and rich in organic acid. Acid is strong in anti bacteria, and also enhance protease secretion and intensive movement. Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar content lot of Lemon acid, prevent kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, alleviate calcium ion blood solidify, hypertension and heart attack. Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar will maintain vessel shrink and strong and improve blood platelet. Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar is rich in vitamin it is an ideal beauty supplement to prevent skin pigmentation.

Whet appetite 柠檬醋生津解暑 Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar consists of aero therapy, appetite awake. After long time working or study, drink a cup of Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar can refresh and awake intensive system.

Decrease heart pressure, anti cardiovascular disease 降压,预防心血管疾病 Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin P, it can increase blood vessels elasticity and toughness, and also prevent and improve hypertension and heart attack. Japan Lemon is known that that consist of insulin, it can lower in-normal blood sugar.

Reduce phlegm 化痰 Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar has good result in Reduce phlegm. Lemon had better phlegm Reduction function than orange. When we had encounter a heating day or regulation eating habit, human body hydration are different with without environment, after long period, phlegm will occur. Thus, when we had encountered with uncomfortable throat with phlegm try this; 2 table spoon of Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar add 1 teaspoon of Borneo Sea Salt into warm water. This will result coughing smoothly. 

Diminish inflammation, anti bacteria 化痰 Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar rich in Vitamin C, it is a natural anti biotic with anti bacteria effect and immune system enhancement, it is recommend that senior citizen to maintain health by frequent drink Borneo Organic Lemon Vinegar diluted with water. 


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